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In our webshop we offer a full range of spare parts and Matra/BMW tools for the BMW single cylinder and boxer models built between 1948 and 1969. 

Most of the new replacement parts that you find in our webshop are either original BMW products or manufactured by BMW suppliers, which allows us to offer quality products at attractive prices. For some products we offer an aftermarket / replica alternative. These are marked as such.

Having the right tools is essential for a good quality maintenance, repair or restoration of your BMW motorcycle. The costs of damaged parts and faulty repairs, as a result of lacking or wrong tools, in many cases exceed the costs of the proper tools. The design of our tools is kept close to the original Matra/BMW specs; only when a design change resulted in a more cost-effective production we made some adaptations to the form of the tool, but without any compromise to it's performance. 

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Used parts: 

we no longer supply used parts, unless a used part is listed in the webshop and is in stock.

The prices of used parts have risen in recent years to such an extent that it is no longer attractive for us to buy and sell them.

Used parts can be found on various Facebook forums and Ebay.

Delivery times:

Our delivery times can currently be longer than you are used to from us.

This is caused by longer delivery times from our suppliers as well as longer delivery times from the carriers.

This also means that some items are unexpectedly out of stock because the planned stock replenishments are delayed.

Due to the high order entry and incoming mails, it can sometimes take longer before you receive an answer from us.

We give priority to order handling and order related emails. Answers to technical and product related questions will take longer.


For EU customers only:

from July 1, 2021, the VAT rules in the EU have changed: previously the country of dispatch was decisive for the VAT percentage.

This has now changed: the country of destination determines the VAT percentage.

This means that you will only see the correct VAT percentage when you are logged in.

As long as the destination country is not known, the Dutch VAT percentage of 21% will be displayed.

We regularly hear from customers that they do not receive order confirmations or an answer from us by email.

This has to do with the fact that our .com email addresses are often blocked by spam filters. If you are waiting for an answer, please first check your spam folder.

Shopping carts have a limited storage time. We make a weekly backup of all shopping carts: if your shopping cart is unexpectedly empty, please contact us.

Paypal Payments:

As of March 5 - 2020, Paypal has changed its Cost Refund Policy: when we (partially) refund a Paypal payment, we will deduct the initial Paypal fee as Paypal will not refund it to us either.



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